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Questions, questions, questions...

How do you respond to this question: ‘Where are you now?'

The simplest of enquiries can invite the deepest of responses. Someone told me recently about the Delphic Oracle asking 3 seemingly straightforward questions:

Transactional Analysis also poses 3 questions and suggests that we ask ourselves these before we have language:

If you are interested in going deeper personally and professionally into this philosophic edge of psychology then TAworks training in Transactional Analysis may suit you. We have a unique approach within TA - working relationally, co-creatively and emergently by using experiential learning methodology to explore TA frameworks with a systemic stance applied to your self and your profession. Join us!

The Foundation in TA is 120 hours and begins in February 2023 over 9 months with 6 meetings online and 2 more intensively in person in Oxford. This focuses on your felt sense of your Adult in order to strengthen your muscles as a TA practitioner. This programme can stand alone as personal development or be a Foundation to your practice as a coach, consultant, counsellor, leader, mentor, facilitator, trainer or as a human being!

The 2023 dates are: Feb 24/25, Mar 24/25, Apr 20-23 in person, May 26/27, June 23/24, July 21/22, Sept 22-24 in person, Oct 20-23. There will be a maximum of two online places for those who cannot get to Oxford for in person learning.

You can enter the Foundation directly or via the 2 day Introduction to TA (known as the 101) which is next online in October on 14/15th - and if there is sufficient demand could be in person on the following weekend in Oxford. Let me know!

The Individual in the System takes a provocative TA focus on coaching and on leadership and takes place over 9 months with 6 sessions online and 2 in person intensives in Oxford - this advanced programme is for those who have done the Foundation and is almost full (12 maximum). People who are well-trained as coaches find it stretching and enlightening, and love our focus on how to avoid asking questions!

The 2023 dates are: 17-18 February; 17-19 March; 14-15 April; 19-21 May; 16-17 June; 14-16 July; 15-16 September; 13-15 October

The People Practitioner begins with an intensive on September 1st 2022 - there are 2 places left in this 12 person programme which provides 300 plus hours of training for the who have a Foundation and finishes before the middle of 2024. This programme is radical in that it develops the skills of working with individuals and with groups for a wide variety of roles, both formal and informal, which are concerned with making interventions without questioning which prompt growth in people. Contact now if you want one of the remaining places.

And if you are a TA trainer or a TA supervisor come and join one of our 2 day workshops - the next is October 12/13 and on Supervision and there are two places remaining.

Curiosity is essential suggested Eric Berne - and the maps of TA are a result of his enquiring mind - now much added to by others. When it comes to questions we always wonder what is the thought behind the question - that is often the most significant factor. Do you have questions for TAworks? What is the thought behind your question?

If you have a query for TAworks then do make contact - comments welcome too. We will be glad to respond through whichever medium you choose.

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